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I use a combination of all three techniques...relaxation, deep tissue and trigger point, to create a session customized just for you.

Relaxation Massage

Your whole body is massaged, including your face, scalp, hands and feet for a total feeling of relaxation.  This technique is great for stress reduction and blood circulation.  It is also ideal for those who prefer or need a lighter touch. 

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage

Firm pressure is applied and key points on your body are addressed to help eliminate muscular tension and pain.
Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and back pain greatly benefit from these techniques.

Massage and your fitness routine
After exercise, a build-up of waste products as well as microscopic tears in your muscles can leave you feeling tired and sore. Massage improves circulation, cleansing tissues of irritating wastes and bringing in oxygen and healing nutrients to injured cells to speed recovery. Massage can also prevent injury by relieving chronic tension caused by stressing overworked and/or unbalanced muscle groups.  Whether you are competing with others or pursuing your own personal goals of fitness, strength or flexibility, massage works on all levels to help restore the body, renew the mind and replenish the spirit.

Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy is one of the best known antidotes for stress.  Since massage relaxes the nervous system and alleviates muscle tightness, it can relieve stress related conditions like headaches, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.  A tension relieving massage can really help you during emotionally stressful times.  When you feel renewed after your massage, life's daily aggravations seem less important and are easier to cope with.

Muscle pain, nerve pain, and joint/arthritis pain can all find relief through massage.  Massage can stretch and knead away muscle tension allowing muscles to return to their proper and healthy positions.  Pain, tingling or numbness in your arms, hands or legs can be caused by muscles so contracted (tight) that they are pressing on and constricting the nerves.  Releasing these tight muscles can bring great relief and restore nerve health. 

Just For Women
During adolescence, the safe and healing touch of therapeutic massage can help a girl feel more comfortable about her physical changes and can teach her how to release stress and tension in a healthy way.

Through pregnancy, massage is a wonderful way to relax, improve energy and reduce discomfort caused by the redistribution of weight in the back, hips and legs.  Massage will also help to ease fluid retention and heartburn.

Massage can also help ease the discomforts of hot-flashes, insomnia, headaches and the emotional highs and lows caused by that joyful transition of menopause. :)


"When I first started receiving massage I had young children and found it hard to believe that I deserved it.  I have now discovered that it is my one time and place where I can receive and not give anything back."
-Audrey, Homemaker & Mother of Two

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