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Who am I?
My name is Lisa Vance and I'm a licensed massage therapist specializing in therapeutic massage for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. I have been working in Crestwood for 17 years.  As a mother of 2 children I understand your pressures, stresses and never ending lists of things to do.  And as a working woman I know how important it is to find a balance that includes some time to take care of ourselves. 
If this would be your first massage, I understand that you may feel a little reserved.  Knowing that, my first consideration is to put you at ease.
I'm certain that, with the right massage, I can relieve your stress and discomfort from muscle tension, improve your flexibility and assist your body's own amazing ability to heal itself. My goal is to leave you with a marvelous feeling of well being.

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I understand how important it is to get what you pay for from your massage session.  With a little communication we can be sure to get just the right amount of pressure for you.  Another value is time.  I promise that you will always receive the full amount of time that you've scheduled and not a second less.  It's so frustrating to book an hour massage to discover it's really only 50 minutes!

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